October 5th, 2013 at 1:29 pm by Damien Coleman

Eating before going to bed is quite common but the question is, are you eating the right snack? We frequently eat something bad before bedtime and believe they are completely healthy. A wrong snack before bedtime can lead to unwanted weight gain, trouble sleeping and even damage your health. You can create a better habit of eating to avoid all of this. Here is a list of foods which you should never eat before bedtime.
Nut butter

Almond butter, peanut butter, or any kind of other butter may cause weight gain in case you make it a normal bedtime treat. If you do feel hungry before going to bed, don’t go for nut butter; instead, try having unsweetened almond milk. Almond milk is full of calcium which will fulfill your need and also calm your nerves so you will be able to sleep better.
Candy bars

It might seem tempting to have a candy bar before bed but it will destroy your sleep. If you eat candy bar before bed, the sugar will cause your brain to create nightmares which will lead to disturbing your sleep. Go for a healthy snack instead of candy bars if you want to sleep sound.
Ice cream

Ice cream is calming to eat but it has terrible result when ate before bedtime. It will make you gain weight, but even if you are trying to gain weight still don’t eat it. As the sugar present in it will make you have nightmares which will disturb your sleep. Instead of having ice cream try having a glass of unsweetened milk which is much healthier.

Obviously, having chips before bed will lead to gaining unwanted weight. Chips are also hard to stop eating once you started, so try to avoid even before bed time. Try going for carrots, almonds or red bell peppers which have same crunchy taste and fiber will fill your belly.
Red meat

Red meat is full of proteins and fats which are hard to breakdown for body. If you will have Red meat before bed it will lead to discomfort and disturbed sleep and even pain in stomach. Try having a hard-boiled egg before bed which is easier to digest and will also satisfy your need.

Chocolate is not full of sugar or fat but still it contains caffeine. It will make it harder to sleep and might even cause sleep deprivation. According to researchers chocolate is one of the worst food to be ate right before bed. But yes, you can always eat it at day in a balanced way ofcource.
Pastries and sweets

Try not to stack donuts, turnover or sweets like cakes, cupcakes and cookies in your house. If you do it might lead to eating them before bedtime. After a hard day you might try to eat such food to increase your energy level which won`t be a wise choice. It will lead to gaining some pounds and will make you wake up in the middle of night due to hunger as your blood sugar will be low. If you are tired it is better to just go to sleep instead of eating such food. If you are too much hungry go for something healthier like Greek yogurt or frozen barriers.